Find alternatives to calling the Dallas Police Department.

Typically, people call the police because they are experiencing or perceive an emergency and need immediate assistance. In order to provide the most effective alternatives to calling the police or 911, unless otherwise indicated, the resources included here are limited to those that offer immediate assistance through emergency or crisis services.

Where we know or suspect that a resource may work in cooperation with law enforcement, we acknowledge that in the listing.

These resources are not intended to cover all situations, only to provide the services described. If you are in danger of immediate harm and feel safe doing so, call 911.


  • Dallas Housing Authority
    • (214) 951-8300
  • Dallas Shared Housing Center
    • (214) 828-1499
  • Parkland Hospital Homeless Outreach
    • (214) 590-8000


  • Abounding Prosperity, Inc. – Trans ID Help & Testing 
    • (214) 421-4800

Mental Health

  • 24/7 Suicide and Crisis North Texas
    • (214) 828-1000
  • ADAPT Mobile Crisis Team (24/7 Hotline)
    • 1 (866) 260-8000

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

  • Genesis Hotline (Domestic Violence) 
    • (214) 946-4357
  • DFW Domestic Violence Hotline
    • (214) 424-7208
  • Texas Abuse Hotline
    • 1 (800) 252-5400
  • Texas Area Rape Crisis Center
    • (972) 641-7273


Please note, people answering these calls may be mandatory reporters, and required to make a report to CPS or law enforcement in certain situations. Learn about local mandatory reporter laws here.

  • Texas Youth Hotline 
    • 1 (800) 989-6884


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Substance Abuse

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Please consider using these alternatives to calling the Dallas Police Department or 911 when faced with a situation that calls for de-escalation and/or intervention. We can abolish the police by not calling the police.

We have tried to indicate where police or law enforcement may work with the alternative resources listed; please let us know if you have any concerns about these resources.

Reimagine public safety. Don’t call the police.

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