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Find alternatives to calling the Buffalo Police Department.

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Typically, people call the police because they are experiencing or perceive an emergency and need immediate assistance. In order to provide the most effective alternatives to calling the police or 911, unless otherwise indicated, the resources included here are limited to those that offer immediate assistance through emergency or crisis services.

These resources may be obligated to call police in the case of an immediate risk of harm to the caller or another, child abuse, or abuse of a vulnerable adult. Where we know or suspect that a resource may work in cooperation with law enforcement or involve them beyond what is required by law, we acknowledge that in the listing.

These resources are not intended to cover all situations, only to provide the services described. If you are in danger of immediate harm and feel safe doing so, call 911.


  • 211 WNY After-Hours Program
    • Serves as the after hours for the Erie County Department of Social Services for emergency housing placement. Assesses callers with an emergency housing need to determine if their situation is be eligible for emergency shelter placement provided by the County. If eligible, provides placement.
    • 211 or 1 (888) 696-9211


  • Pride Center of Western New York
    • Advocacy, medical, and supportive services for the LGBTQ+ community. Provides the latest information on health issues affecting LGBTQ people, and we offer a range of services delivered by caring people who genuinely understand the health issues affecting LGBTQ people. Services cover sexual health, mental health, trauma, partner and family violence, and information and referrals.
    • 278 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202
    • (716) 852-7743

Mental Health

  • Buffalo and Erie County Crisis Services
    • Phone and in-person crisis intervention assistance. Mobile Outreach Services available for assessment at the caller’s location – ask for an outreach specialist. Mobile team is made up of mental health professionals. The goal of the assessment is to stabilize the crisis and assess for the need for referral to additional community services. Police will be involved if involuntary commitment is needed or the person in crisis presents an immediate threat of violence.
    • (716) 834-3131 (24/7)

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

  • Erie County Domestic/Sexual Violence Hotline
    • Directs people to local resources for counseling, advocacy, assistance with orders of protection, and other supportive resources and next steps.
    • (716) 862-HELP (24/7)
  • Haven House
    • Operates a fully inclusive, safe, and secure emergency shelter in a confidential location to help survivors of domestic violence escape their abusers. Shelter services include advocacy, safety planning, childcare, food and clothing, crisis intervention, counseling, and referrals. Hotline serves as entry point for all other services.
    • (716) 884-6000 (24/7)


Please note, people answering these calls may be mandatory reporters, and required to make a report to CPS or law enforcement in certain situations. Learn about local mandatory reporter laws here.

  • Compass House
    • Youth shelter for ages 12-17 for runaway and troubled teens. Help available 24/7.
    • 370 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209
    • (716) 886-0935 (24/7)


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  • Center for Resolution and Justice
    • A community-based dispute resolution program and conflict resolution and mediation skills training center. It offers a wide range of alternative dispute resolution services and conflict management and mediation training programs to individuals and organizations. CRJ’s services are designed to be alternatives to formal court proceedings for those seeking to resolve interpersonal conflicts and disputes. Low-cost to no-cost programs that can help individuals resolve a wide range of disputes, including neighborhood, housing, property, school, family/parenting, small claims, and relationship conflicts.
    • 2495 Main Street, Suite 357 Buffalo, New York 14214
    • (716) 362-2323


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Please consider using these alternatives to calling the Buffalo Police Department or 911 when faced with a situation that calls for de-escalation and/or intervention.

We have tried to indicate where police or law enforcement may work with the alternative resources listed; please let us know if you have any concerns about these resources.

Reimagine public safety. Don’t call the police.

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