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Thank you to Big Easy Magazine for reaching out to us for comment, and for including us in your article on how and why not to call the police!

From Big Easy Magazine, Don’t Call The Police:

Don’t call the police if you’re in a situation that requires de-escalation and intervention. Don’t call the police if you can handle a problem by simply contacting your neighbors. Don’t call the police, instead check out the crowd-sourced online database, Don’t Call The Police

With an emphasis on transparency and accurate information, Don’t Call The Police has been recognized by social justice groups across the country and in New Orleans, including the Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition. Don’t Call The Police is constantly updating its listed resources and encourages readers to submit services in their area so the database can remain as useful as possible. 

Big Easy Magazine, Helen Lewis, “Don’t Call The Police”, Published April 28, 2021

Other recent coverage:

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The Oregonian: Candace Avalos column: Stop calling the police and call your neighbors instead

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